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Weight Loss Program Based on Your DNA

If you’ve been trying every diet in the universe- stop! By yo-yo dieting you slow down your “metabolic engine” and you make future weight loss attempts even harder. It is time to put an end to low calorie, high protein diets that offer quick fixes and temporary solutions. If you are looking to lose weight and finally put an end to emotional eating, so it is time for you to start a new unique lifestyle program specially designed for you.


Our 37/10 DNA transformation weight loss program  offers a unique and highly effective approach based on sound medical principles to show you how to lose weight quickly, safely and naturally. This 12-week program is designed to test your personal DNA in order to give you a head start on your nutrition goals. This concept was designed to test if your body responds to fats, carbs, or both. It gives you a better understanding of how your body is made, and to help you to be cautious of what foods to stay away from.  


This program will entail Individualized diet plan to increase fat metabolism and if followed accurately, it will result in 10 pounds of fat loss in 37 days.

Your test results aren’t just a list of your gene variants. You’ll also get insights and tips, so that you can make choices that are right for you. And while your profile will let you know if you’re predisposed to certain traits, it’s not a diagnosis, so interpret your results with care.

12-week weight loss program include:

  • Personal Health Coaching: You will receive 1:1 coaching once a week for the duration of the program. Your holistic doctor will always be there to support and guide you through your program and help you reach your weight loss goals.

  • Meal Plans and Recipes: Your doctor will learn about your lifestyle. They'll consider the foods you like and the foods you dislike and create a tailored meal plan just for you—with recipes! You will also learn the fundamentals of the meal portioning part of the program, how to eat the foods you want and lose weight in the process, for the rest of your life.

  • Natural Health Supplements: You will receive Weight Control & Metabolism Boosting Natural Health Products to support each month of your weight loss journey, if needed. Our Natural Health Supplements are clinically tested and made from the highest quality, safest, and most effective ingredients available.

  • Weekly Vitamin injections: You will receive vitamin B-complex, Vitamin B12, and Lipotropic vitamin injections to facilitate the fat loss process.

How does it work?

1. Reducing your overall caloric intake while providing the right food combinations helps stimulate your metabolism to provide additional calories from fat stores. The process of breaking down fat into useable calories is called “Ketosis”. As long as you don’t take in any excess carbohydrates, fats or excess calories, this process works very efficiently at releasing stored energy and food value from your fat cells.


2. Break the Sugar Cycle by eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates and by being in the state of ketosis. This stabilizes blood sugars and reduces cravings, and fatigue.


3. You’ll enjoy real organic fresh foods at every meal. You don’t need to buy costly frozen dinners or artificial meal-replacement supplements. Fresh organic meals will be provided based on your dietary recommendations. This helps ensure long-term proper eating habits, patterns, and overall lifestyle that you can sustain.


4. Vitamin, mineral supplements, and medical foods are used to help ensure your body has the additional amounts required to provide nutritional requirements. This works in conjunction with eating the right foods to prevent the side effects of poor dieting such as hunger, cravings, headaches, fatigue and irritability that can lead to failure.

5. Frequent 1-on-1 visits with the doctor provide ongoing personal support to keep you accountable and on track for success. We help you break out of old bad habits faster, while establishing and reinforcing your new healthy eating habits and behaviors to develop long-term sustainable lifestyle change.


6. Once you reach your goal weight, we work with you to customize a Maintenance Plan to re-introduce most foods back into your diet and give you the tools to maintain your new healthy weight for life. We will follow you over the long term to ensure your behavior changes are in place.


7. You don’t need to exercise to be successful on the Dr. Layla's diet program, though it is encouraged for overall health and fitness when it is safe to do so. 

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